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Why human nature can lead to hasty investment choices especially in a crisis

13th May 2020. Why human nature can lead to hasty investment choices especially in a crisis  Despite unwelcome stock market shocks, keeping sight of your long-term objectives is key.  Stock market volatility during the current coronavirus outbreak has been worrying, particularly for individuals who are working to build their savings and retirement pots. It is…
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Business during the Coronavirus Crisis at TALL Security Print

13th May 2020. Business during the Coronavirus Crisis at TALL Security Print. Business was going really well at the start of the year with sales above budget and export orders achieved after hosting three separate delegations from overseas visitors.  Then, Bang! In mid-March, the Government announced a lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic and everything…
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Dancing & singing in the streets to celebrate VE Day

5th May 2020. Music impresario and old friend of the Club Matt Baker has produced an evocative, on-the-street performance to mark VE Day. ‘This is Your Victory. God Bless You all’ – Prime Minister Winston Churchill Club colleague Tim Kenney reminds us that ‘YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU’ to celebrate/commemorate VE Day (Friday 8th May).  Do let us have your…
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An opportunity for Chester Business Club members to support the NHS

5th May 2020. Club colleague Sarah Samuels invites Club Members to support the NHS at this difficult time. As well as giving large discounts (sometimes as much as 20%) she will give an additional 5% exclusively to Club Members during her lock-down sale. Sarah will also gift £100 to NHS charities, through Club colleague, Kathy Kenney, for each painting…
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Making Choices

5th May 2020. May is one of my favourite months, where everything changes, the weather, the growth in nature and indeed the world is changing and our perspective on life may be challenged at the moment. I saw a lovely quote the other day which resonated with me at this time “If we take care…
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Recruitment in the wake of the global pandemic

5th May 2020. Sherrington is an executive search firm recruiting senior management and board level positions for clients across the North West and North Wales.  There are generally speaking three main reasons that organisations recruit; Expansion, Restructuring or Replacement. In the crash of 2008, I was running the commercial arm of a leading UK sales…
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Covid-19: Government launches Bounce Back Loan scheme for small firms

5th May 2020. Covid-19: Government launches Bounce Back Loan scheme for small firms Following intense lobbying over fears millions of businesses would never recover from the coronavirus lockdown, the Chancellor yesterday announced to the House of Commons the launch of a new loan scheme for Britain’s smallest firms. The new Bounce Back Loans offer a…
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Preparing for the end of lockdown

5th May 2020. Preparing for the end of lockdown  5 things businesses need to think about whilst emerging from the covid-19 lockdown. Cash flow  Staff  Premises  Pipeline  ????  Cash Flow  The life blood of any business, cash is king!  Preserving cash is the number one priority of all businesses right now.  However, the real issues…
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How to look good on video calls

5th May 2020. Ian Southerin (Location Photography) gives some more valuable advice, this time on how to look your best on video conference calls.

Cheshire Police Bulletin

29th April 2020. Welcome to a special edition of the stakeholder bulletin to provide you with an update on the role of Cheshire Constabulary and the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner in helping with the ongoing national emergency of the coronavirus pandemic. As we move into the sixth week of restrictions in a…
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