Club Dinner | Guest Speaker: Steve Leonard

Event Information

Date & Time: 26/04/2017 7:15 pm
Place: The Adobe Hotel, Chester
Steve Leonard studied veterinary science at Bristol University Veterinary School. In the final year of his degree, the BBC approached the college to film a group of final-year students. Originally seeing the idea of appearing on TV as “a bit of a laugh,” he agreed to participate in the filming. The series, Vets’ School was a huge success and was swiftly followed by Vets in Practice. He went on to present Vets in the Wild.

He quit full-time veterinary employment and found himself traveling all over the world with the BBC Natural History Unit, filming for Ultimate Killers. He visited places as far away as Indonesia and India. Filming Ultimate Killers involved stunts, such as tandem skydiving out of a balloon at 10,000 feet over Spain, and climbing into an eagle’s eyrie in Panama.

Nowadays (and when he’s not gallivanting around the globe making documentaries) he is a full-time small animal vet (with surgeries in South Cheshire) and heavily involved in national veterinary issues and animal conservation.

Steve has been closely involved with Chester Zoo conservation programs and is a Patron of the Zoo’s ‘Act For Conservation ‘campaign. To mark his visit to the Club we will be making a donation to the campaign funds.

He will be joining us at our club dinner on Wednesday 26th April. Get your tickets now!