‘Our City | Our Future’ Business Meeting

Event Information

Date & Time: 16/05/2017 5:45 pm
Place: Cathedral Refectory, Chester

In January 2014 Chester Business Club hosted a meeting in the Cathedral Refectory under the heading ‘Our City | Our Future’ as part of an initiative towards creating a meaningful ‘Business Voice for Chester’ and furthering Chester’s business-related ambitions, not least its Tourism, Retailing, Commerce and Cultural activities.

It attracted over 350 local businessmen and women as well as others interested in the economic welfare of our city and included contributions from the Local Authority, Chester Renaissance (now Chester Growth Partnership) and the, then, embryonic Chester CH1BID organisation.

Chester Business Club will be hosting another ‘Our City | Our Future’ meeting, again in the Cathedral Refectory, on TUESDAY 16th MAY 2017 (from 5.45pm). It will provide a valuable opportunity for local business people and representative business groupings to receive a ‘progress report’ on what has been achieved to date and, importantly, what the plans are to carry the City of Chester forward.

Speakers will include: Gerald Meehan (Chief Executive, Chester West & Chester Council), Guy Butler (Chairman, Chester Growth Partnership), Ed Oliver (Chairman, Chester CH1BID Company), Clive Sykes (Chairman, Marketing Cheshire) and Alex Clifton (Artistic Director, Storyhouse Theatre Chester).

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Questions? Telephone Chester Business Club on 01244 350235 or email: [email protected]