Chester Business Club launches BUY LOCAL

Over recent years we have heard a great deal about the threat to Chester Retail Businesses, as a result of the increase in online shopping as well as out of town retail parks such as Cheshire Oaks, Broughton Retail Park and the Trafford Centre.

People not coming into our City Centres to shop obviously has a knock-on effect for other business sectors, especially hospitality.

This has all been compounded over the last few months as Covid has had such an effect on our lives, livelihoods and buying habits.

Amazon delivery vans seem to have been more regular visitors to our streets and offices in recent months and there is a big danger that our local businesses will continue to experience a significant drop in their normal levels of business in the months to come.

As a Business Club we are committed to supporting not only our members but all businesses within our local area and we want to encourage people to BUY LOCAL, whether that means visiting actual shops, buying products on these business’ websites or visiting our fantastic selection of restaurants, bars, cafes and pubs for takeaways, or to dine in (when the lockdown rules allow us to do so).

For several weeks now we have been running a marketing campaign which will not only encourage club members to support our local businesses but also go out to the wider Chester Community encouraging them to BUY LOCAL.

Through our Social Media, PR activity, E-mailers and word of mouth, we intend to do everything we can to support Chester and help our businesses through these challenging times.

We have eight businesses who have offered to sponsor this campaign:

A big thank you to each of these sponsors for their support.

You can do your bit too…

If you see a post on Social Media promoting any aspect of the campaign please like/share it.

If you receive an E-mailer, please forward it on to some of your local family, friends and business contacts.

Together we can support Chester businesses through these tough times and demonstrate what a truly great city we are.