Cheshire Wildlife Trust offer opportunity for local businesses to invest in nature

Cheshire Wildlife Trust are welcoming local businesses to be part of a brand new 100-acre nature reserve to help nature’s recovery and tackle the climate emergency.  

The natural world is in a state of emergency and businesses can be part of the solution.  

In April, Cheshire Wildlife Trust launched a unique appeal to mark their 60th birthday. Donations will help buy and rewild 3mx3m squares of land at a new nature reserve. The Trust are encouraging local businesses to invest in nature and be part of this exciting opportunity.  

For each donation, supporters will be allocated their own square which can be named. Once the target has been reached and the nature reserve purchased, supporters will receive a digital certificate with the precise location of their patch, mapped using what3words. 

By investing in nature, businesses can: 

  • Leave a valued legacy
  • Have a positive environmental impact
  • Create space for nature and biodiversity  

Research shows* that sustainability isn’t just good for the environment. It’s also good for business.  

  • 80% of the public favour brands and companies that embrace eco-friendly practices. 
  • 77% of company directors agree that being a sustainable business has improved customer loyalty. 
  • 2% of employees believe that their companies should be more environmentally responsible.  

The creation of a brand new nature reserve will increase the area of land managed by Cheshire Wildlife Trust and help achieve their ambitious goal to bring wildlife back to Cheshire, Halton, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford, Warrington and Wirral 

Depending on the site, new carbon-storing woodlands and hedgerows could create homes for birds, bats and small mammals. New wetlands could support invertebrates, amphibians and wading birds. Creating new meadows could provide food and space for bees, butterflies and pollinating insects. 

Businesses can help buy and rewild patches of any size. For example:  

  • £715 would help buy and rewild a patch around 100m 
  • £1,365 would help buy and rewild a patch around the size of the average UK garden 
  • £1,950 would help buy and rewild a patch around the size of one tennis court  
  • £4,550 would help buy and rewild a patch large enough to plant around 100 trees 
  • £9,100 would help buy and rewild a patch around the size of one Olympic-sized swimming pool. 

Jo Darlington, Director of Fundraising & Engagement at Cheshire Wildlife Trust says:  

“As businesses become more mindful of their environmental impact and seek to implement more environmentally friendly ways of working, investing in rewilding projects like this is a great way of taking that first step.  

We’re encouraging local companies of any size to get involved in this unique opportunity to be part of something special for our region. Creating new green spaces and watching them be transformed can capture the imagination of employees and communities and benefit future generations.  You could dedicate a square for each staff member in your business, for each square metre of your office space or one for each year your business has been running. It’s up to you!”.  


To dedicate a patch, visit