The Countess Charity – Put a heart in our Rainbow

The Countess Charity – Put a heart in our Rainbow

We are pleased that work has started on our latest fundraising initiative, in partnership with the British Ironwork Centre! The large structure of a rainbow is set to commemorate and remember 2020 and all those who played a part in taking care of others.

Our good friends at Medicash are sponsoring the structure and it is no too late to get your heart! We are inviting everyone to buy one or more of the thousands of hearts we need in the colour of their choice for a donation of just £10. This will be a lasting tribute to all key workers who worked so hard during 2020. Funds raised for this project will go towards our main appeal – Blue Skies Balcony.

We will send you a favour to keep in your purse or pocket about the colour you choose. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet make up our rainbow. We hope to complete the Rainbow this summer.

Buy your heart from The Countess Charity fundraising page here.

Cheshire Police

“I am extremely proud of the dedication, commitment and resilience shown and demonstrated by my team throughout these challenging times. I would also like to thank the communities we serve, we simply couldn’t do our job without and we do not take for granted the significant sacrifice and impact the pandemic has had on everyone.” Pictured: Chief Inspector Gareth Wrigley

The Countess Charity - Cheshire Police

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

“Like other keyworkers, teams from Cheshire Fire and Rescue have worked hard throughout the pandemic to keep people safe and have adapted their role to support the needs of the public, providing services such as delivering food, medicines and administering vaccines. Not only does the rainbow recognise the efforts of all our keyworkers, but it also raises vital funds for patients at the hospital’s intensive care unit. We are honoured to support such a fantastic and thoughtful initiative.”

The Countess Charity - Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service


Celebrate with us!

Would you like to host a tea party like no other?

The NHS celebrates it’s 73rd birthday on 5th July and we are joining in with over 100 hospitals around the country for the nation’s biggest tea break!

Following a year like no other we want as many people as possible to get involved in a show of thanks for NHS staff by hosting or taking part in an NHS Big Tea on Monday 5th July ans raise funds for our Blue Sky Balcony Appeal. This can be in person on virtual, with friend, family or at work.

A chance to say thank you for everything that NHS staff and volunteers have done and continue to do.

For your fundraising pack filled with everything you will need please email [email protected].

The Countess Charity - NHS Big Tea