The NWAT are urging people to dig out their old and unused laptops

The North West Academies trust (NWAT) has some pupils from affluent families who can afford to give their children laptops or iPads.

But it also teaches a lot of children whose families cannot afford this sort of kit.

Those children deserve as much of a chance as the others, which is why NWAT is collecting and repurposing old laptops and other devices so every child can have their own personal tech.

They will collect them, wipe them, test them and install the right software.

So, it’s time to go up in the loft or into the dump room, round the back of the filing cabinet or wherever you think an old laptop might be languishing.

Dig it out and email their CEO [email protected] and he will organise the pick up.

You will have done something great and there is a child out there who will be chuffed to bits with their new kit!

child on laptop