A summer of projects at DropJaw

12th October 2020.

It has been an eventful summer for everyone, I’m sure we’ve all noticed that. And here at DropJaw, we’ve made sure to keep up the momentum as the world comes to terms with a new way of doing business.

We continue to invest in scale-up companies throughout the lockdown and are now looking for growth across our portfolio. The world may be facing a second wave of the covid-19 coronavirus, but we have redoubled our commitment to providing access to capital and advisory services for companies looking to scale up or those in distress seeking turnaround.

We are very excited about working with our portfolio companies, all of which are experiencing tremendous organic and commercially-driven growth. And we are delighted to see the growth of our internal marketplace, created to encourage portfolio companies to trade with each other; a proven and proactive mechanism to accelerate growth and drive increased efficiencies.

Finally — for now — we have been humbled by the kind words from our clients and industry analysts. You can read more here on TrustPilot and also Medium, where DropJaw was featured in a special series of articles for investors, entrepreneurs, and startup ecosystem builders, to inform them of entrepreneurial opportunities in the North West. 

If you are looking for funding to scale up or turn your distressed business around, please get in touch. I am sure we will have a solution to support your vision.

Roy Shelton
Managing Partner

[email protected]