The importance of maintaining Mental Health & Wellbeing

17th April 2020.

The importance of maintaining Mental Health & Wellbeing.

It has never been more important to stay informed about our health and wellbeing than now and whilst this seems scary and out of our control, there are many things we can control to support and manage our wellbeing during those times. Normally a bustling health centre with over 100 therapies under one roof, we recognise that you need to be safe at the moment, and have had to think about how we can still deliver services to you in your home.

What I can tell you is that here at Beehive the team are very busy behind the scenes looking at all the things that keep us healthy and well during this period. We have started to build an online community hive, which will be a signposting section of our website for you to find out what our professionals are doing online, access online activities, information and find out more on what’s available locally. Many of our professionals can offer services online and so remain open for appointment. We are just building this so it is thin on content right now and growing daily. Keep checking back and please tell us what would be useful for you to find on there.

We have included the blogs we intended to include this month for you and welcome ideas on how we can best support you.

In times of challenge it can be tricky to have the energy or enthusiasm to make a lot of effort for wellness, but please do know that regularly putting aside time for your own wellness and wellbeing has a massive impact on everyone.  There are so many activities you can do to improve and maintain your own wellness – one very simple but lovely approach is to give 5 minutes each day to focus on each of your physical, mental health and social health.  So in just 15 minutes you may have chosen an exercise or relaxation technique, a mindfulness technique such as affirmations or journalling, and a making a social connection with someone important to you – a phone call, video call, text or writing a message or letter.  This approach is calming and restorative, it also helps with us in feeling happy, spreading positivity and kindness.  Generally making the world a better place.

We also need to look at what sets us apart as humans and Samuel Veissière, Anthropologist & Cognitive Scientist, wrote in 2015 that it is our ability to care for each other. We’ve seen so many examples of this over the last week and long may that continue! If you’d like to read his article it can be accessed here: Caring is what made our species unique

We so hope that we are able to continue to help you on your journey to wellbeing, however that will be for you. As soon as we are able to open and offer our usual face to face services again we will let everyone know. In the meantime, stay safe, stay home and look after yourselves. We are still here to support.

‘Because there is only one you’

Many thanks

Sharon and the team