Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem candidates in head-to-head debate at Club’s General Election ‘Hustings’ event

Over 150 Club members and guests gathered at the Crowne Plaza Hotel for a Club dinner followed by an Election ‘Any Questions?’ session featuring Will Gallagher (Conservative), Chris Matheson (Labour) and Lizzie Jewkes (Liberal Democrat), the candidates for the City of Chester constituency in June’s general election.

The AQ session was chaired by Jim Hancock, former Political Editor, BBC North West.

Questions submitted by the audience included Migration, Nationalisation, University Fees, Education Policy, SMEs, Wildlife/Conservation Policy, Foreign Aid and Russian Interference in UK Politics.

Main Picture: Paddy Gill (CBC Vice-Chairman), Chris Matheson (Labour), Jim Hancock (AQ Chairman), Lizzie Jewkes (Liberal Democrat) and Will Gallagher (Conservative).